Kindergarten Registration

*Age of Entrance (Regulation 723-1)
A child must be five years of age or older on or before September 30th, in order to enroll in kindergarten. A parent or legal guardian needs to physically be present when registering and he/she must have a photo ID.
What Do I Need to Register My Child?
The following items are required before the student will be registered:
*Student's birth certificate (original or certified copy)
*Proof of address within Prince William County
One of the following:
· Deed or contract for residential property in PWC
· Current rental or lease agreement for residential property
· Notarized Affidavit of residence attesting to bona fide residency in PWC.
*Two additional types of documentation showing the residence address. For example, valid driver's license, utility bill, auto, other documentary evidence of similar reliability.

*A valid immunizations record
*A comprehensive physical exam dated within 12 months prior to the child's entry date into the public school system.
*Custody documents (if applicable)