Internet Safety Tips
1. Keep your computer in a central Location
(not in a secluded area like a bedroom or office)

2. Establish Rules
What sites can your children visit?
Who can your children talk to online?
How much time can they spend online?

3. Teach your children to keep their identity private
do not use personal information (name, birthday, age, address, phone or cell phone numbers, schedules, school, sports, or church) in posts, personal websites, social networking sites, or chat rooms.

4. Be careful when posting Photos or Videos
do not use backgrounds that identify a location
do not post risky or provocative videos or pictures
do not post anything that shows inappropriate materials

5. Choose screen names and email addresses wisely.
(see number 3)

6. Monitor your children's computer use
check the sites they are using
read their chat logs
look at their other content

7. Discuss the importance of telling an adult if something makes your children scared, uncomfortable, or confused while online.