Hi Families! I want to thank each and everyone of you for staying in contact with me! I love hearing from you and talking to you all. Here is some updated information!

Every Monday by noon, the 3rd grade teachers will post weekly learning activities on the 3rd grade webpage 
A suggested learning schedule for all students is posted with specific activities below. There is also extra websties/links that your child can access if they want anything extra to do! I will also be emailing this out to parents and students, as well as posting on DOJO. So, please check your email or reach out to me if you ARE NOT getting this information! I can also send your ClassDojo codes!

I will have two Zoom sessions a week with the class.
Tuesday at 1:00 and Thursday from 3:15.
I will send the Zoom link about 15 minutes prior to each session. Please join! We always have such a nice time! We often get surprise guest teachers and principals joining us! 

On Friday, we have a Zoom that the entire third grade is invited to! That is at 12:30- Reach out to your teacher to get the code! It is a nice way to see friends from other third grade classes. 

All 3rd grade teachers are available for office hours at the following times:
Tuesday: 11:00 - 11:30
Thursday: 12:00 - 12:30
These are times I am always available through Dojo or e-mail to answer questions and provide feedback on any student work and do not have any online meetings. I often check ClassDojo and e-mail throughout the week, so you can send your questions or students work at any time. These are the times I can guarantee I will not have any meetings or distractions from answering questions and supporting you.

Please continue to check www.pwcs.edu for updates from the superintendent. I will continue to update with relevant information for my class and school.

Please feel free to reach out! buchhevc@pwcs.edu, even if it is to just say hi! I am here for you and miss you and your children very much! Stay safe and keep in touch.