PWCS Math Website
This website will allow parents to see what math standards students have already encountered and which standards are scheduled for the coming weeks at each grade level.  Choose "Elementary" and then find your child's grade level from the list provided in the center of the page. Scrolling through the information, you will find all of the standards for that grade level.
This website will help your child gain access to DreamBox, IXL and BrainPOP, BrainPOP Jr., and BrainPOP Espanol. When you click this link, you will be on a main page. Look in the top right hand corner for the blue box. This will allow your child to log in as a student. Then they can use their Clever badge for access.
If you need help accessing your child's home username and password, please email their classroom teacher and they will send the information to you. You can also email us and we will do our best to get the information!

Origo at HomeOrigo is the new textbook series that we have begun using this school year. Origo has generously put this new resource out to be available to parents during the COVID-19 closures. When you click the link, choose United States, grade level, and week. You will then see the plan for each day of the week. It is not a full math lesson, however, it will help keep your child thinking and using their math skills. All of this can be accessed on any device with an internet connection, including smartphones. 

Bedtime MathDaily high- interest nonfiction stories with leveled math questions, sign up to get an email or download their app! (Available in English and Spanish)

Cabin Fever Math- This is a new section of Bedtime Math created specifically for use during school closures.  It focuses on hands-on, non-screen learning you can do with your child at home. 

Greg Tang Math Games- Use this site for high-quality, engaging math games! 

Online Manipulatives--Online math counters, blocks, balances and other tools to use online tools for exploration or to solve problems. Lots to explore!