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                                              Sinclair Weekly Review Instruction Schedule

**At least one day a week there will not be a core subject to teach instead there will be two encore sessions to enjoy. Please remember to read daily for at least 20 minutes!








60 min. review instruction


 60 min. review instruction

Science- Integrate Reading/ Writing/ Math

60 min. review instruction

Social Studies - Integrate Reading/ Writing/ Math

60 min. review instruction

*No core subject today, enjoy two encores instead.


2nd Grade Office Hours: 12:00 – 12:30


2nd Grade Office Hours: 11:00 – 11:30


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Hello Parents/Guardians,
Thank you for working with us and your children through this time of virtual learning. This will be the last week of virtual lesson plans provided by the second grade team. We hope that you stay healthy and safe during the summer break. This week there will be no major changes to the web page. We do have updated lesson plans for you to use for the following week. This coming week is a full week and all four subjects are below titled with the following format (Reading June 8th, Math June 9th, Science June 10th, and Social Studies June 11th). Remember each subject is in a different document, on a different day, with online and offline activities. If you need anything let any of us know, our emails are below! 

Reading June 8th.pdf
Math June 9th.pdf
Science June 10th.pdf
Social Studies June 11th.pdf

The second-grade team is here to help and answer any questions, feel free to email us if you need.

Mrs. Abdallah:                               Ms. Avery:      

Mrs. Giba:                                          Ms. Jang:

Mr. Longo:                                      Mrs. Medley:

Mrs. Olney:                                     Ms. Pettigrew:

Ms. Pourarian:                             Ms. Saylor:

Ms. Serrato:                                  Mrs. Ward: