My name is Marie Hines and I am the Speech Pathologist here at Sinclair and at Pennington Traditional School. This is my 4th year at both schools.

During this time away from school, here are some activities you can do to keep practicing your speech and language skills.


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Students Participating in VAAP-Language

Students Participating in SOL-Language

  • Read and/or listen to “The History of Planet Earth” on

    The History of Planet Earth, Seventh Grade Reading Passage

  • Vocabulary: detect, discern, influence.Read the definitions and try to make up a sentence using each word.
  • Question Set: Choose the correct answer for questions 1-7.Discuss answers for questions 8-10 with a parent, sibling or friend.


Articulation/Fluency Students

  • Read “Blue on Earth” or “The History of Planet Earth” out loud.Articulation: practice saying each vocabulary word 10 times.Fluency: Read and answer each question using a strategy that helps you (stop-restart, light contact, pausing, mental rehearsal)