April 13-17th Learning Plan:  Learning Plan april 13-17.pdf
                                         Learning Plan april 13-17_Spanish.pdf
                                         Ten Crayons in All_Investigations.pdf

Here are the objectives we are reviewing at this time:


I can create and solve single
-step story and picture problems using addition and subtraction within 20.
I can recognize and describe with fluency part-whole relationships for numbers up to 10.
I can demonstrate fluency with addition and subtraction.
I can talk about fact families.

I can ask and answer who, what, when,where, why, and how questions about nonfiction/informational texts.


I can talk and write about nonfict
ion topics.
I can organize words in ABC Order.

Social Studies:
I can identify parts of a map (title, legend, compass rose).
Here are some questions to ask before, during, and after Reading:

Fiction Questions:

Make a prediction, What do you think will happen in this story?

Who were the characters in the story?

What was the setting?

What was the problem?

What was the solution?

What did this story make you think about? (Making Connections)

Would you recommend this story to a friend? Why or why not?

Nonfiction Questions:

What do you think you will learn about in this book?

What questions do you have before reading the book?

What did you learn about?

What text features did you find in the story? (Captions, Headings, Photographs)

What was the book mostly about?