Dear Sinclair Eagle Families,

I hope each of you are staying healthy and safe during this time. I am thinking of you and can't wait to see you all. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at
Students you may email me and tell me about your day! I have been enjoying our time on Zoom!! We have been having fun! 
Update 4/28
Our Zoom schedule has been finalized!!  Zooms are scheduled Tuesday at 12, Wednesday at 11, and Thursday at 1.
Zoom codes will be sent out the day before our session. I look forward to seeing all of those smiling faces.

If you know a kindergartener that needs to registar for the fall,
please have them use the link below.

Fun activities to help continue developing motor skills

Update 4/13:
Welcome Back!! I hope you had a wonderful Spring Break with your family! I brought back some of the fun family traditions that I had when my boys were small (They are in college.) We dyed eggs, made a bunny cake, and had an egg hunt. My boys were shocked when they opened their eggs because only a few had candy. Most of the eggs were filled with chores! It was lots of fun!

New Learning 
activities are posted on the 1st Grade web page and will be updated every Monday. Under Homework I uploaded the Sinclair Weekly Learning Plan for first Grade.

I will be offering Zoom Meetings twice a week. Tuesdays at 11 am and Thursday in the evening (maybe 5 if that works). I would like to see all my students at both meetings; however, I understand if you can only attend one. Zoom time will be used for interacting with peers and sharing some reading and work. I will send out a message and an email with login information. 

I have office hours set up for Tuesdays from 1:00pm to 1:30pm and Thursdays from 10:00am to 10:30am. However, I will be near a computer and checking email on a regular basis so please feel free to contact me anytime. 

 Next week, April 6-10 is Spring Break, enjoy your time together!!  I will be in touch after the teacher workday on Monday, April 13 and we will with continued learning review on Tuesday, April 14.

Thank you for checking your email and visiting our class page for any information regarding the closures and learning activities. During the week of March 16-March 20, no new learning activities were assigned due to this being a period of adjustment. On Friday, I did send the students home with reading books, homework notebook, a journal for free writing, and the Origo math journal book. These materials can be used as a review of skills taught in class. For example~ students can read or have the books read to them, retell the story, write or talk about their favorite part, write/talk about the problem/solution, go on a sight word hunt, look for blends or digraphs. Students may write about which character they liked and why. Math they can complete pages that we did not complete in class. More fun and exciting activities are listed in Learning Links on the left to enhance your child's learning. Files and Documents  has some fun videos and reading questions to ask  after they read or listen to a story on YouTube. Sending virtual hugs, stay safe, my eagles.

Please check the Useful Links tab and the homework tab for learning activities!

Please Note:  Students must be with their parents when they pick up meals

Ms. Arrigo's 1st Grade Class
 Remember to read!!!

Here's what we are working on!
I can create and solve single-step story and picture problems using addition and subtraction within 20. 
I can recognize and describe with fluency part-whole relationships for numbers up to 10. 
I can demonstrate fluency with addition and subtraction .
I can talk about fact families. 


I can ask and answer who, what, when, where, why, and how questions about nonfiction/informational texts.

I can talk and write about nonfiction topics. I can organize words in ABC Order. 

Social studies: 
I can identify parts of a map (title, legend, compass rose).


Ms. Arrigo

Purpose: We come to school to learn.
Vision: We will work hard to become Sinclair's Excellent Eagles!
Mission: In order to become Sinclair's Excellent Eagles, we will work together, follow directions, stay in our space, and remain focused on what we are learning.

Thank you for checking out my website. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me! I am looking forward to working with you and your child.


Most students benefit from having a daily routine, if this your child, here is a sample schedule that maybe helpful. please adjust to meet your child's needs. 
before 9:00am wake up~ eat breakfast, make your, bed, get dressed, put pj's away
9:00-10:00 morning exercise~ walk, yoga or just dance (youtube), go noodle
10:00-11:00 academic time no electronics~ read, math journal, homework, write a story
11:00-12:00 creative time~ drawing, crafting, cook, bake, dance, sing
12:00-12:30 lunch
12:30-1:30 chore time ~ask a grown up
1:30-3:00 academic time~ choose activities from helpful links page or read and write. also go to youtube and check out days of the week, counting by 5's, 10's, months, sight words, subitizing, what makes ten, doubles. jack hartman is wonderful!!! his videos are catchy and students will enjoy! some videos are under files and document t