3rd Grade Weekly Plans







Language Arts

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Math– Rounding and Estimating

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Zoom: Show and Tell
10:00 AM

Science-Simple Machines

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Social Studies– Map Skills

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Tuesday – Math


20 mins IXL:

Estimation & Rounding P. 1 & 2

20 mins Video & Do:

Watch Brainpop Jr. Video on Rounding.


In your math notebook or on a piece of paper:

Round each number to the nearest 10.

24, 61, 44, 138, 172

Round each number to the nearest 100.

891, 123, 431, 286, 229

10 mins flashcards:


10 mins Word Problem Challenge:

1. Ms. Morabito and Mr. Brown went to Chuckie Cheese’s. Ms. Morabito had 567 tokens, and Mr. Brown had 432 tokens. Rounded to the nearest hundred, how many more tokens did Ms. Morabito have than Mr. Brown?  

2. Mrs. Miller has 100 chickens on her farm. Last year, her chickens laid 16,457 eggs. This year, they laid 14,867 eggs. Rounded to the nearest thousand, which year did the chickens lay more eggs?

Wednesday - Science

Reading and Science

Complete the MyON Project 3rd Grade Simple Machines

The instructions for the project are in MyOn.


-IXL: Science Force and Motion G.1andG.2


Create a Marshmallow Launcherwith items you have at home.

-What kind of simple machine is your launcher?

-Measure how far you launched the marshmallow.  How many inches and centimeters did it travel?

Math Connection

To make the marshmallow launcher you need 7 craft sticks.  How many craft sticks would you need to make 5 launchers?  Solve and show your work!

Thursday - Social Studies

Watch Brainpopjr video called Reading Maps and take the quiz at the end.


*In your Clever account, go to Benchmark Universe. Read the Poster “Road Maps” out loud

*Read the book Where Are We? To yourself.

*Use this link: https://www.dictionary.com to look up the definition of map. Read definition #1. Write in in your own words. Draw a picture to help explain the definition. Write a detailed sentence using the word map.

(Remember to use a capital letter and punctuation!)

Activity Choices:

Draw a map of your house and clearly label each room. Be sure to create a key to explain any symbols you use, and include a compass rose with the directions (North, south, east and west)

**Explain your map to someone 😊


Pretend you are going on a hike to find a hidden treasure.  Who is going with you? How do you feel about your journey? What do you hope to find in the treasure box? Draw a detailed picture of the map you must follow in order to find the treasure. Remember to include a key for any symbols you use. Write a detailed paragraph about your adventure and be sure to tell if you found the treasure! 😊

**Explain your map to someone and read your paragraph out loud.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions at butlerec@pwcs.edu