Can you do this? 

Can you practice these challenges and demonstrate them to your teacher, parent, or friend? You will need to be able to go smoothly, without pausing. It's not as easy as you think! We have attached some hundreds charts to help you get started. How soon will it be before you can do it without them? Want to go bigger? Try challenges from the other grade levels!! (Pick the grade you are in this year to get started.)

Kindergarten Challenges:
     --Count by tens from 1 to 100
     --Count to 120
     --Count backwards, starting at 40 and going to 0

First Grade Challenges:
     --Count backwards, starting at 120 and going to 0
     --Count by fives from 0 to 100
     --Count by twos from 0 to 50

Second Grade Challenges:
     --Count by twos from 0 to 100
     --Count by tens from 0 to 200
     --Count by fives from 0 to 160

Third Grade Challenges:
     --Count by twos from 0 to 120
     --Count by fives, starting at 140 and stopping at 320
     --Count by tens, starting at 850 and stopping at 1,050

Fourth Grade Challenges:
      --Count by halves, starting at 1/2 and stopping at 10 1/2
      --Count by threes from 0 to 60
      --Count by fours from 0 to 80

Fifth Grade Challenges:
      --Count by fourths, starting at 1/4 and stopping at 12  1/4
      --Count by tenths, starting at 0.1 and stopping at 2.5 (Say it as "zero and one-tenth" not "zero point one)
      --Count by tens, starting at 234 and stopping at 524

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