Greetings and Updates!

My office hours will be from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM Monday.

Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns or just to say "Hi!" 
I will be available during that time by zoom. If you go to my Canvas page and click on the button that says "Help and Office Hours " the link for my office zoom hours will be on the screen that appears.

All of my Canvas lessons are recorded and kept on Canvas. If you click on  the " Live Class On Zoom " button on my page the recordings of the classes will be on the screen that comes up below the the zoom link for my classes.

I have set up a youtube channel - Sinclair Elementary Art Mr. Spreemann
These are the links to those videos.

Kindergarten and First Grade - Drawing An Eagle   https://youtu.be/1hql0NBj6uA
Second and Third Grade - Drawing a Still Life -  https://youtu.be/1z9mDOSY6DM
 Fourth and Fifth Grade - ( Part 1 ) - Drawing a Colonial House and Linear Perspective https://youtu.be/jE1CxWc136c
Fourth and Fifth Grade - ( Part 2 ) - Drawing a Colonial House and Linear Perspective  https://youtu.be/TZRAnhJi7fw

If you click on the "Homework" link in list to the left you will find other art making  projects,

Here are some neat websites and activities to check out in the meantime:
!. National Gallery of Art Kids Zone
   Create paintings online and more!
2. Color with Leo
    Online games related to color and drawing
3. 80 art games for kids of all ages, art videos blogs and more!
4. Take an Online Trip to an Art Gallery:
     Washington DC, National Gallery of Art
5.  Need Ideas for Art Activities:
     Collages, printable toys and drawing ideas from Krokotak
6.  Lesson Ideas from the Kennedy Center
7.  Lesson Ideas from Kinderart
8. Monet's Garden 
9. Cassie Stephens Elementary Art Teacher
10. Things For Kids To Draw

Units of Study and Instructional Calendar
March 20, 2020

Please click on "Files and Documents" to the left to see the Units of Study in the Instructional Calendar as well as the standards for each grade level and assignment. 

Art Class Grading and Expectations
March 20, 2020

Art Class Rule:
Respect -- The Teacher, Classmates, Materials, and Yourself.

Encore Vision
: We will always do our best.

Encore Mission Statement
1. We will work hard, keep trying, and always stay on task.
2. We will be kind and polite
3. We will listen and pay attention
4. We will think before we act.


S+ / YES!! 
"I Know it, I can do it, and I can go beyond!"

S / Yes / Grade-Level Expectation
"I know and can do it"

S- / Almost 
"I know and can do some of it."

N / Not Yet
"I don't know or can't do it, yet."

I am originally from Hampton Virginia. I received an AA in Fine Arts From Thomas Nelson Community College in Hampton. Then I attended undergraduate school at VCU in Richmond, Virginia to receive a BFA in Sculpture and Painting and Printmaking. From there I went on to attend Western New Mexico University In Silver City New Mexico to receive my Masters In Elementary Education. I am now in my thirteenth year of teaching art at Sinclair Elementary. I enjoy the diversity of Students we have at Sinclair and each day I look forward to seeing their smiling faces in my classroom.