Math and Reading at Home
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Animal Adaptations

-Games about Animal Adaptations
Comparing Numbers
-Comparing numbers with < and >
-Bowling for Fractions
-Fraction Manipulatives
-Fraction Matching
-Name the Continents and Oceans
-The World Quiz
-World Continents and Oceans Practice
Graphing and Data Collection
-Collect data and make a graph
-Complete a survey and make a graph
-Make a graph!
-Capacity Measurement Game
-Measuring Fish
-Measuring objects with a ruler
-The Mouse Ran Up the Clock
-Time Traveling
Money Practice
-Lots of money games
Place Value
-Place Value Games
-Probability Fair
Subtraction Practice
-Cargo Ship Subtraction
-Flying High Subtraction
-Fruit Shoot Subtraction
-Ice Cream Shoppe Subtraction
-Pirate Subtraction Fun
Time Practice
-Clock Shoot
-On Time!
    Practice telling time to the hour and half hour.
-Time Travel

-Interactive Games for All Subjects
You will find a variety of games for all subjects.
-Math Practice Games